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Smoked low and slow with our Secret Competition BR&B Rub

Firehouse Bar-B-Que

We proudly serve Real Bar-B-Que to the people of the

Richmond, Henrico and Hanover area.


There’s Only One Mission in Mind…

Preparing the Best Bar-B-Que Food possible for you.


Now listen here Bar-B-Que Lovers, “If It’s Not Smoked, It’s Not Bar-B-Que!” That’s our motto at Firehouse Bar-B-Que and we stand by this claim whole-heartedly. Authentic, southern Bar-B-Que smoked on site with hickory wood from the good old south. All of our meats are hand rubbed with our special blend of spices, then smoked at low temperatures for up to 12 to 16 hours. To finish it off, we offer original Firehouse Bar-B-Que Sauce on the side which is made from scratch. In fact, virtually everything on our menu is made from scratch! Juicy tender brisket, chicken, flavorful pork, meaty ribs, & incredible soups and stews, with an amazing choice of side dishes. We offer daily and seasonal specials that will delight even the most choosy of Bar-B-Que Lovers.


Only the best ingredients are used to cook our food to perfection. We always provide our customers with friendly service, and we never skimp. We’re not a chain or a franchise, we’re just someone who cares about food, and doing it the right way. We simply let the food speak for itself. So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see us. Taste it for yourself why we’ve been called one of the Richmond’s most Authentic Bar-B-Que!


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FIREHOUSE BAR-B-QUE SERVIN’ UP – SMOKIN’ BAR-B-QUE * Pork Sandwich (pulled) * Chixn BBQ Sandwich (Sliced) Beef Brisket Sandwich (sliced) * We have 2-3 meats on the trailer at a time SOUPS We have 1-2 on the trailer at a time Back Woods Brunswick Stew Loaded Baked Potato Slap Your Mama Twice Chili Butternut Squash Ragin Clam Chowder Roasted Red Pepper Crab Lobster Bisque SANDWICHES By request only Original Grilled Cheese Brisket Muenster Panini Smoked Cheeseburger Smoked Hamburger CHILDREN’S MENU * Chixn Tenders * Chixn Patty Sandwich Plain Hot Dog (No joke) $15.00 (*) Have on trailer most of the time







* Cole Slaw


Baked Beans


Corn Bread


Onion Rings


* French Fries


Slap Your Mama Chili Fries


Crack Stuffed Smoked Jalapeño


Jalapeño Poppers (6)


* Hush Puppies (6)


* Smoked Mac-N-Cheese


Collared Greens


Smokin’ Chili Mac







Lemonade/Tea  (Seasonal)


* Sodas/Water


SMOKIN’ SPECIALS (market price)


Smoked Jerk Skirt Steak


Smoked Beef Tenderloin with horseradish


Smoked Pork Loin


Baby-Back Ribs


Spare Ribs


Smoked Turkey


Smoked Half-a-Chixn


Smoked Jumbo Chixn Leg Quarter


Smoked Sausage with onions and peppers


Smoked Chixn Wings



Catering Menu

Booking & Office Manager:

Lori Taylor



Catering Menu

Pit Master:

Gordon Taylor



Call us or stop by Facebook to see where we are going to be next. If you would like us to come to your next event or business lunch then just ask.


Thanks, see you soon!